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OUR HISTORY: From the Academy to the Public

WellMicro was founded in 2015 by researchers of the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology (FaBiT) of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna. The experience of the founding members is the result of years of academic activity in the field of human and animal intestinal microbial ecology. The deep knowledge of scientific literature and the years of collaboration with international laboratories are proven by over 100 scientific publications in peerreviewed journals and by 2 method patents for the study of human microbiota. The reduction of sequencing costs on the one hand and especially the emergence of the first scientific evidence on the impact that the microbiota has on the health of the host on the other, create the ideal scenario for an entrepreneurial project. This is how WellMicro, an innovative startup and spinoff of the University of Bologna, was born. At WellMicro the precious academic know-how is turned into the creation of an innovative service that adds valid elements for the assessment of the health status of the individual

OUR MISSION: Science Available to Everybody

WellMicro is the first entrepreneurial subject in Italy, which is able to provide a molecular characterization service of the microbiota through an innovative patented and easy to interpret analysis method. What was accessible only yesterday to the scientific community of the sector is today translated in a usable way allowing everyone to interpret the microbiota and its potential health implications. Our experience is applied to the most advanced mass sequencing techniques (Next Generation Sequencing) and to the bioinformatic analysis of data through the most up-to-date databases available for the characterization of the microbiota. Therefore, our mission is to make available to the citizen and the experts the state of the art from the technological point of view and skills for the analysis of the microbiota. Our history guarantees a constantly updated service to respond to the changes that the study of the microbiota requires.

OUR VISION: A Precision Medicine

In recent years, several studies have shown that the treatments available to date, however advanced, are not equally efficient for each person. An important study published in Nature (Schork NJ, 2015) illustrated how the ten drugs with the highest turnover in the United States are effective only for 1 in 4 people at best and for 1 in 25 in the worst case. These results reveal that it is necessary to rethink therapeutic approaches in a vision of precision medicine that take into consideration the singularities of the individual. Our vision is a future in which the microbiota, with its individual-specific characteristics, represents one of the pillars of precision medicine. So much has already been done, but to get to this little revolution a lot of work still need to be done. Many studies are still needed to arrive at a deep understanding of human physiology in the light of the interaction with its microbial counterpart, so our ambition is to be part of this path.