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Q: Is the Microbiopassport® a diagnostic test?
A: Microbiopassport® IS NOT a diagnostic test. The Microbiopassport® report aims to provide indications on the profile of the intestinal microbiota, which can represent a valid support to qualified experts for the eventual planning of personalized food and / or therapeutic interventions.

Q: In the Microbiopassport® report what exactly is analyzed?
A: The Microbiopassport® report identifies the bacterial groups present in the sample thanks to the sequencing of the V3-V4 hypervariable regions of the 16S rRNA gene (bacterial DNA), to the consequent bioinformatic analysis according to the QIIME pipeline and to the assignment with GREENGENES database.

Q: Can I carry out the Microbiopassport® if I take drugs and / or supplements?
A: YES, provided that at the time of sampling you are in a phase of "normality". That is, if for any reason a subject takes drugs and / or supplements continuously (or cyclically) then the microbial composition representative of that subject will be considered that under the assumption of drugs and / or supplements. Therefore, it will be helpful to make the Microbiopassport® even while taking drugs and / or supplements. On the contrary, it is NOT recommended to do sampling before 2 weeks after the end of medication and / or episodic supplements (e.g. when a course of antibiotics taken for an episodic infection has just ended).

Q: How do I order the Microbiopassport®?
A: To place an order you need to generate an account by registering on our website in the appropriate section at the top right.

Q: How long should I wait to receive the Microbiopassport® report?
A: General processing times are 3 weeks from when the sample arrives at our laboratory, but the results are GUARANTEED within 30 days.

Q: Does the Microbiopassport® sampling kit have a deadline?
A: The only component of the kit with a deadline is the sterile swab with transport liquid that shows the expiration date on the package. In case you have received a kit with an expired sterile swab please contact us. We will send a new kit as soon as possible.

Q: From the time of sampling to the receipt of the sample in the laboratory is there no risk of alteration of the microbial composition of the sample?

A: NO, our kit allows to preserve and maintain the microbial composition at the time of sampling up to 4 weeks at room temperature.

Q: Is it possible to intervene on the composition of the intestinal microbiota?
A: Yes, the intestinal microbiota is a dynamic ecosystem that responds to different environmental stimuli (eg diet, lifestyle, drugs, etc.). The variation in terms of microbial composition will be the more significant the more the lifestyle will suffer an alteration with everyday life. The stronger and lasting the stimulus is, the more significant and stable over time will be its modulation. In the Microbiopassport® report there is a section where some intervention suggestions based on the test result are reported.

Q: Is the return shipping of the sampling kit included in shipping costs?
A: Yes, once the service is purchased, you will not have to pay any further shipping costs.

Q: How does the return shipment with the sample work?
A: Inside the kit you received, you will find the return waybill and the courier's envelope. You can request collection at your home by following the instructions in the kit or directly deliver the envelope with the kit to any post office

Q: How are my sensitive data treated? A: WellMicro Srl, as Data Controller, processes all supplied data according to the regulations established by the GDPR (pursuant to Article 13 of the European Reg. Of 27 April 2016, n.679). Together with the kit you will find the privacy protection information form which can be consulted by clicking here.