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Video gallery Wellmicro



This section aims to deepen and disseminate the issues related to the importance of the microbiota for our health. It wants to be a space where even the "non-experts" can understand in a usable and informative way the fascinating microbial world that lives around and, above all, inside us. Below is a selection of videos that we hope will stimulate your curiosity and make the user aware of the great importance that the microbial ecology of our body has for our own health.

How Microbes Make Us What We Are

YouTube. Kurzgesagt (Set. 2017)
YouTube. TED, (Feb. 2015)


YouTube. EDU-CARE, FICO-Bologna (Apr. 2018)

WellMicro at TEDx

YouTube. TEDx, (Mar. 2017)

WellMicro Researchers Study Microbiota and Longevity

YouTube. Quotidiano Medicina, (Mag. 2016)

WellMicro Research at Superquark

YouTube. RAI TV, Superquark (Lug. 2014)